At the moment,we have three diferent aplications respond to need the world`s business and working: Simmbook(this application allow you management of your contacts), SimmAgents(for managing agents and queues dynamically)and SimmConference(for the administración and creation of virtual conference rooms). We invite you to take a look of each application for discover other fuctions and benefits.
To access the installers of each product, activate a trial, acquire or renew a license, it is necessary to register in our license management platform SimmLicenses.com. In less than a minute you can register an account and access all the features mentioned above.
Before purchasing any of our products, you will have access to a completely free trial period that will last a period of 15 days. This test will allow you to use all of our products to determine which ones you really want to invest your money. After completing this period, you can buy any of our applications by paying credit card, through paypal or, depending on the location of your company, you may also be able to make the payment by direct debit.
Yes, we have a team very prepared and willing to guide you to solve your problems quickly and efficiently. All our products are marketed with a basic support service via email, which includes one (1) incident per month. For customers who require it, we have elite support that has an extra charge. The service hours for the public of our technical service team are from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 pm. (GMT -3: 00).
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